Fill and Finish

What is it?

Fill and finish is a critical phase in the pharmaceutical manufacturing, where a vaccine, biological product or another drug is aspectically filled into its primary container and then sealed and packaged for distribution. This ensures the sterility, stability, and accurate dosing of the medicine before it reaches the end-user.


In the pharmaceutical industry, fill-finish process involves several steps, including the sterilisation of materials, sterilising filtration of the product, filling under aseptic conditions, and further processing. This is vital for small to medium-sized batches of high-value drugs, including biologics. It guarantees the product’s integrity by preventing contamination.

Liof Pharma’s Expertise in Fill/Finish

At Liof Pharma CDMO, we specialise in aseptic filling services of sterile vials for injection and plastic bottles for biological or high-value drug products in small and medium batches, for clinical trials or commercial use. We hold EU GMP authorisation for the manufacturing of aseptically prepared lyophilizates and small volume liquids for human and veterinary use. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure that each product meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

fill and finish

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