Vision and Mission


LIOF PHARMA is projected as state-of-the-art organization in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, in terms of innovation and impact of its productions on human health, aiming to become an advanced biotech institution to a regional and global level.

Moving forward in its international standards, capacity to diversify technologies and projection of economic growth it holds comprehensive and systemic technological solutions for important problems with effective and sustainable productions.


The mission of LIOF PHARMA is to achieve innovative results of technological development and manufacturing, materialized in innovations, manufacturing services and analytics that contribute to well-being in the fields of human and veterinary health, with strict respect for the preservation of the environment, continuous improvement of quality and customer satisfaction.

The dedicated team of experts that is part of Liof Pharma, works constantly to preserve and increase their scientific-technical training, promoting integrality and collaborating effectively with the national and international environment.

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